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Talent always is the first productivity of Soontrue
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Soontrue talent view

Soonture as Chinese independent research and development and production of packaging machinery,and as the leading industry benchmark, Soontrue depends on people's faith and creativity firstly, there is a large number of industry design, management and manufacturing elite have emerged , so Soontrue has been honoured as “the Huangpu Military Academy”, there has been a large number of talented people for more than 20 years.

Soontrue as the benchmarking in the industry,benefit from long-term implementation of the talent view “Fair people evaluation capacities”, Soontrue talent view is based above the enterprise faith “to create social value and realize self-value”, and based on morality “restrain oneself and seek the truth,work together with one heart”, which reflects the essence of “objectivity” and “trust”.

The human resource management of Soontrue includes the opening and clear employee post responsibility and performance appraisal mechanism, also accept the supervision of all employees in the process of implementation; Soontrue promises that the evaluation and assessment are conducted fairly and objectively , no matter the background and the post duties of every employees, and to measure the positioning and use of talent according to the evaluation results.

Fair people evaluation capacities

Soontrue business still continue to expand deeper and broader , talent always is the first productivity of Soontrue ; At Soontrue ,so long as you are tenacious ore, it will shine!The door of our packaging machinery dream team is always open for you, welcome the elites to join us!